Bradlee Dean has the magic message that penetrates high school students' most impenetrable  misconceptions.  

His unapologetic, pure guts, common sense cool approach to truth inspires audiences of all ages and is reclaiming our culture, one patriot at a time.  

You will be woken up, shaken, and forever changed, Bradlee Dean style. 

I count myself privileged to have encountered truth on the level that bd presents it. 

Gina Loudon, Ph.D.

Author of Ladies and Gentlemen; Anchor, www.PolitiChicks.TV <http://www.PolitiChicks.TV> ; Analyst, guest on FOX News, FOX Business, BBC and other outlets. www.drginaloudon.com <http://www.drginaloudon.com> 




One morning, as I was reading news articles about the state of our nation, I felt troubled. Article after article of those pointing out the many problems, yet no solutions to bring resolve. I was disheartened and feeling lied to by the mainstream media; seeing the direction our great country was heading; seeing us lose and take for granted the vast blessings, rights, and liberties given to us by our Creator. This saddened me deeply. It was at that moment I lowered my head to talk with my Father in Heaven. After giving thanks for the blessings in my life, I prayed the Lord would help guide me to the truth. I prayed that He may give me the discernment to know what the truth really was. I distinctly remember this morning prayer well. It changed my entire outlook on life. That same week, I was browsing through different radio programs on my phone. I found GCN and The Sons of Liberty and have not missed a show yet. So when I heard that the guys would be in my area I knew I had to go see Bradlee speak.         

Bradlee and Jake truly are DOERS of THE WORD. It is an honor to be considered a friend of the guys and the ministry. Hearing Bradlee's powerful message in person was ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!!! My fiancé attended with me, curious to see who these "Sons of Liberty" guys are that I'm always so fired up about:) She is a server at a local restaurant. Well needless to say, not one of her tables left that day without knowing a little more about Mr. Bradlee Dean and the message of The Sons of Liberty:) Thank you Bradlee and Jake, as well as all who support this ministry, for igniting a fire in our spirits. People know our nation is headed in the wrong direction. People are hungry for the message of truth and there is no greater truth than the Word of Jesus Christ and our foundation, origins, and principles as the greatest nation standing. Thank you guys again for giving your time and abilities. Keep up the good fight of faith and we will surely win the day!!! 

God Bless,

Kris Kesterson, Florida


Our business invited Bradlee Dean and the Sons of Liberty/YCRBYCHI crew down to give a presentation at our yearly 4th of July fest in Armstrong, Iowa. The entire crew was like a large family, warm and friendly even after  many days on the road! Bradlee Dean himself is a very personable, family man, taking time to chat and keeping an eye on his own kids playing at the local park before the event. Afterwards he made a point to chat and thank nearly every person that came, even seeking out people before they left to thank them.

   The presentation itself was fascinating...It touched on major topics including government, abortion, the constitution, the moral decline of America, our founding fathers, media lies and much more! This was not a politically biased presentation or preaching of any kind, just straight facts that Bradlee Dean points out, in equal parts hilarious, ridiculous, confusing and just plain sad. Bradlee Dean is a people person, and easy to listen to, he doesn't talk 'down' or 'at you.'

   Bradlee's passion for veterans and their sacrifice shines bright, as does his heart for the children and teens of today. We have also had the pleasure of seeing the YCRBYCHI presentation twice, once in a high school setting and once at a concert music festival. Kids truly gravitate towards who cares enough about them to fight for them and tell them the truth, and B.D. does just that. Kids today feel talked down to, lied to, and/or largely ignored. The media and entertainment industry caters to our kids, ironically making them feel unworthy unless they are sheep, following ridiculous ideas and made up rules of society to fit in. Bradlee Dean exposes this, and having the youth on his heart, he gets his message to kids that they are important, they are loved, and they are worth fighting for. 

   Many people came into our business over the next week thanking us for inviting Bradlee Dean down, and commenting on how much they enjoyed it. A few had purchased the MY WAR dvd set, as we did, which expands on the informative and eye-opening material. What a great tool for the home, classroom, library or church! You can't get it out of your mind after viewing!

   In our audience that day were salesmen, pastors, many teachers both public and home-schooling, retirees, veterans, kids and teens, managers, accountants, nurses, farmers and widows, Democrats and Republicans, Christians and non-religious people. There was something for everyone to take away. People whooped and hollered, teared up, nodded in agreement, laughed hard and shook their heads in perplexed amazement. And you couldn't help but feel a spark, that red, white and blue pride of this beautiful free country we live it.Perhaps it wasn't there before, or it fell by the wayside in conjunction with thoughts of "eh, what can I do?"

By the end of Bradlee Dean's presentation, your mind fully engaged, enraged, and enthralled, you cannot help but stand tall and say "What can I DO?"  Bravo.

The Armstrong Service Center

Landon and Renae Kollasch

Bill and Bobi Kollasch



Bradlee spoke at the meeting of Ottawa County Patriots on Dec 4. Despite a change of date from our regular meeting schedule, we had a record turnout. He did a great job of bringing together the thoughts of our founding fathers and reinforced for our members what those men and women died for.

Bradlee’s common sense message rang true requiring him to pause time repeatedly for applause. I have heard him speak on several occasions and listened to Sons of Liberty broadcast. He never fails to light my fire with a different aspect relating to personal freedoms and offer solid logic of a strong moral argument on every issue.  

His message is for everyone regardless of age, I was glad we had so many younger people in addition to our normal, older members. Not one person went away disappointed.  Speaking of “going away”, Bradlee continued to speak beyond our normal end of meeting time. Not one person got up to leave. At the end, they did get up - not to leave, but rather to applaud in a show of appreciation. Had Bradlee wanted to leave at that point, it would have been difficult as so many rushed to speak with him individually.

Thank you Bradlee, Jake, Massey, Heather and yes, even the “little guys.” This will not be the last time.


Jim Chiodo 


Ottawa County Patriots


Bradlee Dean and the Sons of Liberty,

Bradlee’s presentation is second to none and hands-down the best we have had to date. His open, honest discussion on Christianity and the Faith of the Founding Fathers opened the eyes of the young students we had in attendance. His impassioned message, delivered like our founding statesmen of old, rekindled the patriotic fire of our members. Any organization which seeks to grab the attention of the youth or to stir the hearts of adults to action would be immensely blessed by hearing his message.

On behalf of the Oceana Tea Party, I would like to extend our sincerest gratitude and the highest of recommendations!


Andrew Sebolt
Chair, Oceana Tea Party



Dear Sons of Liberty:

It is with great excitement that I tell you about our great experience with Bradlee Dean and The Sons of Liberty Team at last week's Tea Party Fort Lauderdale event.

Of the many ways and means I have encountered as how our society might be brought back to its Judeo-Christian roots, Bradlee’s program is the finest I have seen, both at the mature adult-level as well as teen-level.  Bradlee’s presentation is alive from start to finish as he covers ageless, conservative issues such as Marriage and The Family and shows us, for instance, how the radical homosexual agenda is destroying these ancient boundaries.  Through it all he reminds us that America is still a Free and Christian Nation and that as Christians, we do have power!

His message is perfect for junior- and high-school students who have been indoctrinated by the throngs of liberal and progressive "educators" and administrators who surround and inundate them with debauchery in their classrooms.  I cite the recent episode at Spanish River High School where the Principal and Vice Principal did not allow Bradlee and The Sons of Liberty into their school to deliver the scheduled event to the students and were forced to go off-school grounds, the students in-tow, to present their message. Yes, Bradlee shows that there are ancient boundaries given this Nation not by man, but by God, that must never be moved.  Students must be made aware!

Bradlee Dean and The Sons of Liberty are the perfect team to positively affect the minds and morals of today's Youth in undoing the progressive poison that has been spewed upon them by the Communist, immoral progressives.  Tea Party Fort Lauderdale will do all that is possible in seeing that Bradlee and Sons are enabled to present their marvelous program to institutions across America.  A donation is enclosed.

Very sincerely with blessings,

Danita Kilcullen




Bradlee spoke at our Winter Haven 9-12 Project Group meeting tonight. We very much enjoyed his message, his depth of knowledge and his direct manner of speaking the truth with power.

A Special Thanks to Bradlee and his whole family for being there and demonstrating how a man of God should act and teach. If any of you have the opportunity to hear him speak, take your whole neighborhood with you and get there early.

Del Lawson, 9-12 Project, Winter Haven, FL


Thank you Bradlee for coming to the WH 9/12 group meeting this evening. Your insight, incredible research, hard work and sacrifice, (i.e., Blood, Sweat & Tears) to educate & inspire our young people speaks volumes as to the direction our nation is heading into. I truly admire a recognized child of the Most High adhering to to his Father's wishes. May God continue to keep, bless and protect you, your family and the entire staff of YCRBYCHI, in the many years to come!

-Leslie Strickland, 9-12 Project, Winter Haven, FL


On behalf of the Winter Haven 912 Project and the Winter Haven 912 Project Board of Directors, I want to say thank you for an outstanding presentation by Bradlee Dean at our meeting on February 7th, 2012.  We had nearly 150 Patriots in attendance and I would recommend this presentation to all audiences... Praise God he is getting his message out to high school students...  The young people need to know.

May God Bless You All. 


Pete Smith 

www.winterhaven912.com <http://www.winterhaven912.com> 
"On Matters of Principle, Stand Like a Rock!"

In Liberty, Molon Labe

2 Chr 7-14


To Whom It May Concern: 

We at Tea Party Manatee are proud to recommend Sons of Liberty, Bradlee Dean, Jake McMillan and the whole group for a wonderful and very informative evening.  Our hope would be that Bradlee’s message will be heard across the United States.

The Sons of Liberty! Bradlee Dean and Jake McMillan deliver a hard-hitting message of truth, exposing unconstitutional policy through constitutional law. They are educating and equipping America with the knowledge of what our nation was truly founded upon – “The Bible is the Rock upon which our republic rests.” The right time to do the right thing is right now! 

Thank you once again for the opportunity to recommend such a special and impressive group of people.  We look forward to hosting them again in the very near future. 

Sincerely Yours, 

Letha Fadely, Tea Party Manatee

Bradenton, Florida


On February the Tri-County Tea Party Florida, located in The Villages, Florida hosted Bradlee Deen and the Sons of Liberty at our weekly meeting.  Since our membership is comprised of seniors, aged 65+ I was hesitant having a rock group leader that absolutely looked the part of a “Hard Rocker”.  The main reason I wanted them to attend our meeting was to see how Bradlee speaks to the newer generation.  You see, our members are Tea Party Members because we want our children and grand children to grow up in a world that believes in the Constitution and GOD.  What we learn at our tea party, we pass on to our children and grand children.  We actually tape each meeting, so members can buy the DVD’s and send them to their children/grandchildren.  The presentation by Bradlee Dean was absolutely fabulous.  Our members actually stayed an extra half hour longer for his presentation.  What he says to today’s youth should be said in every school across our country.  Not only that, but Bradlee made us realize what our kids don’t know, yet desperately need to know.

After his presentation, I personally contacted over a dozen other Tea Parties and Churches to recommend that they invite Bradlee and the Sons of Liberty to their meetings.

Pam Dahl
Tri-County Tea Party
Lady Lake, Florida



Bradlee Dean and Jake came to Raleigh, NC to give a presentation to Triangle  Conservative's Unite. The presentation was a hit!  The members loved the message and found the presentation strengthened their own belief in smaller government.  Thanks to Bradlee Dean and Jake for a job well done!

Laura Long

Triangle Conservatives Unite



We received a very interesting education by attending and participating in your show on December 6th, 2012 in Petoskey, Michigan. It has been discussed several times at our Tea Party Meetings since, and it was well enjoyed by all. A few members attended your program the next day, one member mentioned he went to all three shows the next day and was very impressed by the way the shows were adjusted for different age groups. Thank you for such a well put on program and we look forward to seeing more programs put on by you and your group.

Gerry Szymanski 

on behalf of

Patriot Voice Radio 

Petoskey Tea Party 

All attendees


College Referrals:



The Des Moines Area Community College (DMACC) chapter of Young Americans for Freedom herby submits a letter of recommendation for Bradlee Dean of You Can Run But Can Not Hide International.

On Thursday, April 25th Bradlee spoke at our community college and gave an outstanding presentation. Bradlee spoke on the U.S. Constitution, our nation’s founding fathers, social issues, and the prices paid for our freedoms. We believe Bradlee gave all those in attendance a renewed sense of hope for America and the drive to continue the good fight of restoring America.

The DMACC Young Americans for Freedom highly recommends Bradlee Dean to speak at any event as he shares a message of truth America needs to hear.

Respectfully submitted,

Jacob Dagel DMACC YAF Chair


Students who attended our You Can Run But You Cannot Hide event admitted that they had never before heard a message like Mr. Dean’s in an academic setting. This is a distressing realization that I am positive extends to the majority of college campuses across America. I encourage fellow students across the nation to invite YCRBYCH to present on their campus, as Mr. Dean has a message of truth that is vital to the future and youth of this nation! Their presentation was truly exceptional, their staff supportive and band rockin’. I am so pleased and thankful that YCRBYCH came to our campus and would have them back in a heartbeat! 


 Elizabeth Ilse

St. Cloud State University



We held an event with Bradlee Dean from the You Can Run but you Can’t Hide organization at the St. Cloud State University campus. This event was sponsored by the College Republicans of SCSU. We had this event because we heard of what he speaks about and knew it would be great to have the YCRBYCH organization come to our campus. He speaks about things that are so close to what the Republican Party says that they follow. 

The event was great! I personally learned a lot. They spoke about abortions, what the men and women of our armed forces have been through and should be thanked, and how this country was a republic and now is a democracy. 

I have never experienced such nicer people. They helped us through the media, how to handle the Republican party, and how to promote the event on our very liberal campus. I really do wish that other campuses around the state of Minnesota and even around the nation to have the YCRBYCH group come to their school. 

If I could do this over again, I would! What Bradlee Dean talked about needs to be heard!


Abbey Gooch

President of the College Republicans at St. Cloud State University 


I attended the You Can Run But You Can’t Hide event at St. Cloud State University. What Bradlee Dean talked about really needs to be heard! He spoke a lot of truth and important information that I believe everyone should know and hear about. I personally learned a lot I that I never knew before. Mr. Dean’s message is really important and can change peoples lives. He talked about how the media twists everything to the way they want their agenda to be pushed. The subjects that he talked about were shocking to me with what is really going on with our people here in America. He talked a lot about where our country is going and how our morals have changed. Mr. Dean is very knowledgeable about what he spoke about. I thank the SCSU College Republicans for bringing YCRBYCH to my campus. The event was great! 


Justin Molitor

Student at St. Cloud State University


We held an event with Bradlee Dean of You Can Run but you Can’t Hide on the campus of St. Cloud State University on Tuesday April 24th, 2012.  Said event was sponsored by the College Republicans of SCSU, because Mr. Dean’s values align closely with the alleged values of the republican party. 

The event itself was wonderful.  Mr. Dean spoke on issues such as abortion, thanking our veterans, and democracy versus republic. 

The message of traditional conservative values is one that needs to be heard!


Jacob Thomfohrda

Senator At Large, St. Cloud State University

Vice President, College Republicans

President, Mayoral Student Advisory Committee


 I teach a course in Modern Political Thought (1500 - the present) at Normandale Community College.  I take a broad view of our topic, listening to not just those voices that are obviously political, but also to figures such as Luther and Calvin whose focus, while not primarily political, still articulated ideas, which had a significant impact on how we in West have thought about politics. I attempt to put these thinkers in their historic context and to connect their work to the wider philosophic and intellectual milieu in which they lived.  I also try, wherever possible, to bring to class speakers who are heirs of these political thinkers (Liberals, Marxist, Conservative, etc) who can present a contemporary version of these classic ideologies.  

With Calvin we confront the question of how religious beliefs should influence politics.  Calvin of course holds what might be called a theocratic position, arguing that the prescriptions of faith should be carried over into the political realm.  Given my commitment to finding speakers who might personify the thinker we were considering, I wished to find someone who would argue that Christian principles should guide American politics.  Bradlee Dean was a superb spokesperson for that point of view-- charismatic, dynamic, mentally quick, and persuasive. He so thoroughly engaged the students that I think they would have stayed on at least another half hour had we not had to clear the room for the next class. Bravo!

My thanks again to Mr. Dean.



William W. McGuire

Chair Political Science Dept

Normandale Community College


Event Referrals:

I really felt that Bradlee and his staff did an outstanding job speaking the truth to our community. He did a good job letting everybody know what’s going on in this world; concerning the media, schools, churches, and government.  I feel Bradlee did this with compassion and love in his heart, therefore I wholeheartedly give him my endorsement.


Carl Fruechte

Jimmy Westland

Caledonia, MN


When it comes to serving up truth and common sense these guys do a great job relating to the spirit of the age of this generation.   “Speaking truth to leadership” is fine,  but speaking truth to the people who will select the next generation’s leadership is more important.   If done properly presentations like this can inspire the Godly leadership the emerging generation desperately needs. Plus, these guys annoy all the right people. This has to be encouraged whenever possible. 

Jan Mickelson, Newsradio WHO 1040 AM, Iowa


The emerging generations could give a rip about Republican/Democrat or Conservative/Liberal. When it comes to the future, most of them are somewhere between nihilistic and disinterested. The old way of doing things will not reach them any more than 8-tracks and silent films would reach mine. 

They want to be stirred, challenged, and given a chance to be a part of something bigger than themselves that doesn't require self-righteous hypocrisy. I'm all for non-traditional means such as this that provides those opportunities. 

What Bradlee is tapping into is the youth of this nation's desire to be stirred, challenged, and given the chance to be a part of something bigger than themselves. They are tired of self-esteem-driven drivel, and being patronized. They want something real, not a partisan exercise in self-righteous hypocrisy. They want an adventure, and Bradlee understands there is no greater adventure than living a life for Christ.

Steve Deace, National Conservative Radio Show Host


Bradley Dean is a true American Hero that has the courage to tell it like it is. His ability to connect with students is legendary. It’s one thing to just point out what is wrong with society and the youth, it’s another thing to actually set up programs and actually reach them and this is what Bradley Dean does and he does it exceedingly well. Bradley Dean has presented his program to support the American Republic in over 300 schools and his message about the Founding Fathers, the Constitution and our need to uphold it is incredibly well received. He and His ministry team has been harassed and wrongly smeared for telling the truth and caring about young folks.


Excellent Presentation - Truthful information served up with Peace only God could guide!  I was simply so impressed with the message; a second presentation was necessary, this time with my husband and son.  A must see and a must share experience!   

Sherry Loar
Petoskey T.E.A. Party


High School Referrals:


To all administrators who are looking to reach your student population about making wise choices, take the time to learn about You Can Run But You Cannot Hide. Our school hosted three other high schools at one of the best programs I have ever witnessed for kids. The music was great and really inspired the students. Bradley's message was a clear, no-nonsense approach to students thinking for themselves and making good choices in their lives. The breakout sessions at the end of the program were especially appropriate for students and teachers, as well as administrators. Please feel free to contact me about this group of fantastic young people who have a message that all students need to hear!


Steve Lane, CAL Community School Superintendent



Village Ranch Inc. is a residential group home for juvenile males who are struggling in their families, school, and society. Recently we had the privilege of listening to the powerful message by You Can Run But you Cannot Hide International. The message was very inspirational to the youth and staff at Village Ranch Inc. I truly believe the message relayed to our residents will have a positive impact for years to come. When working with this type of population it is very difficult to "catch their attention." When You Can Run But you Cannot Hide International came to present to the residents, it was clear that they "caught their attention." They have enjoyed their message and look forward to another presentation. The presentation was not only inspirational, but also very challenging to the residents. You Can Run But You Cannot Hide International challenged the residents who "think outside the box" which is a key to success with those stuck in life and feel that it's okay to just get by in life. i would highly recommend You Can Run But You Cannot Hide International for everyone.-

Bill Salmela, Village Ranch Program Director



We had the pleasure hosting the You Can Run But You Cannot Hide assembly in our high school. I believe this program is the most successful program that we have had.  Mr. Dean and his band did an incredible job of getting the students’ attention through their musical performance.  Once they had the students’ attention, Mr. Dean delivered a message like no other.  It was straight forward and to the point.  Our student body was involved and interacting with Mr. Dean mainly due to his honest approach and genuine interest in the students. If you are a school looking for an outstanding program dealing with drug and alcohol issues, character issues, and helping students to make good choices, I would highly recommend this program!


J.B. Elliott, Principal, Hoisington High School, Kansas



To Whom It May Concern:
I am writing this letter of support for the group, "You Can Run But You Cannot Hide International" and the "Junkyard Prophets" band. Early in the 2008-2009 school year this inspirational organization came to Litchfield Public Schools and brought a very powerful message to our K-12 grade student body. Their program focuses on several important issues facing our youth including; the power of the media and its negative influence on our culture, drug resistance, the right to life, resisting peer pressure, and treating everyone with respect.
The day started off with a one hour rock/rap concert that energized our students in the 7th-12th grades. As mentioned above, the name of the band that performed was called, "Junkyard Prophets". Their positive lyrics reinforced to our students that music can be used as a powerful tool to influence its audience. We were amazed with this group’s stage presents, their impressive sounds system, and the quality of their performance. One could tell that this band was made up of very talented musicians whose main goal was to share their positive message with our kids.
The second part of our morning was spent with a group slide show that focused on how the media’s negative campaign brainwashes our youth with inappropriate messages. As a principal I never realized exactly how influential the negative lyrics in today’s rap and rock music can be. The discussion focused on how the music industry is there to "cash in" on our children without regards to its long term affects on our society. The "You Can Run But You Cannot Hide International" personal addressed this issue in a very down to earth manner.
Our morning ended by the organization breaking our students/staff into 3 groups; boys, girls, and teachers/adults. Each group further investigated several issues more in depth and allowed individuals to have a chance to speak through a guided conversation. In the afternoon the "You Can Run But You Cannot Hide International" group performed several skits for our elementary students (Grades K-6). The focus of this program was actors using role play to show our students the difference of the right way and wrong way to handle a variety of situations. The kids absolutely loved their performance!
Overall the "You Can Run But You Cannot Hide" group, along with the band, were excellent. Let me assure you that the money you spend on their performance will be funds well spent. Not only does the group bring a positive message to your school, our students were motivated to reevaluate their actions by the experience. If you have any questions regarding this organization please feel free to call me at Litchfield Public Schools.
Respectfully Yours,


Mr. Stithem, K-12 Principal/AD, Litchfield Public Schools


You Can Run But You Cannot Hide,

I want to thank you for an excellent morning on September 28, 2006.  The concert and programs were presented very well and our students and staff related to it in a very positive way.

The "Junkyard Prophet Band" set the tone for the morning with students getting enthused. The classroom discussions were well received.  The students thought they were fun, good information, and the information was presented on their level.  The staff thoroughly enjoyed it and received good information.  Many questions they had received very workable answers.

Many students have asked to have you back in the future.  I highly recommend your group for any school.


Earlene Fox, Superintendent, Lesterville R-IV Schools, Lesterville, Missouri


You Can Run But You Cannot Hide presented recently at LaCrosse High School in LaCrosse, Kansas.  We are a small school which received a powerful message.  The message Bradlee delivered was exceptional.  It came across to our student body with much more impact than our instructors could ever deliver.  The youthfulness and experience the group brings with them is hard to match with any traditional speakers we could bring in.



Bill Keeley, Principal, Kansas


To Whom it May Concern,

The "Explicit Truth" was the message our students needed to hear today from the You Can Run But You Cannot Hide group.  The concert was enjoyed by our students and the speaker Bradlee had their attention the entire time.  The money was well spent by our school.



Martha Frazier, Assistant Principal, Tennessee


Dear Junkyard Prophet,

Thank you so much for your presentation to our school.  Having not heard you before, I was a little nervous as to the content of the presentation.  After experiencing your concert and presentation I would recommend you to anyone who wishes to help their youth.  You spoke direct to the students in a manner that kept them riveted for over two hours in a hot muggy gym.  On their exit the words I heard were "Awesome!" "Great!" "Can we have them back?"  One might expect that immediately after hearing the presentation, however, two hours later I still had students and teachers coming up to me tha nking me for getting your group to come to our school.  I wish you the best in your future work and we will try to have you back again.  May God bless your efforts.


Larry McCartney, Principal, Tennessee


This was the best "character-based" assembly I have seen in 24 years of teaching.  I hope we can get you back when my 6th grader is in the building!


Debbie Rapp, Ringwood High School, Oklahoma


You Can Run But You Cannot Hide provides a quality program for high school students.  They capture the student’s attention and interest through their music and then go on to challenge students to think for themselves and make wise choices.  They do this through exploration of the words and themes of today’s pop music and the influence it has on their lives, encouraging them to validate information that they are exposed to through the media versus accepting it as truth and most importantly encouraging students to make wise choices in regards to alcohol, tobacco, drugs, and other dangerous behaviors.  Students were actively engaged throughout the concert and during breakout sessions with the students.  In addition, teachers met with members of the group and discussed the issues of working with today’s youth and how they can help them as they grow and mature into young adults.  Our students are already asking when they will be back again!


Steve Peiffer, High School Principal, West Monona Community Schools, Onawa, Iowa


Our school was really excited about the You Can Run But you Cannot Hide assembly.  It was everything you promised and more. It wasn’t one of those assemblies that afterwards you say, "That was good," then forget it in two days. It gave you plenty to think about. The lyrics of the music were all positive.  The things Bradlee Dean talked about were exactly what our students needed to hear.  He addressed drugs, alcohol, sexual purity, bullying, the media (I especially liked that part), and much more.  I was very moved by the way he talked about our Veterans.  We do owe them so much.  I don’t think some of our young people have any idea the sacrifices they have made and continue to make for our freedom. 

Nothing was sugar-coated.  It was straight forward and to the point.  That was a refreshing change from the way so many things are presented to us. I have asked many students how they felt about the assembly.  All comments were positive.  Dividing the students into separate groups of boys and girls was a great idea.  I think it allowed them to relax and discuss issues that pertain to them. 

This program was by far the best we have ever had in the 23 years I have taught school.  I am hoping that in a couple of years we will be able to have the group back.  It was money well spent.


Leigh Bisel, Ringwood High School, Oklahoma


Bradlee and the Crew:

Your program at Creston High School made a solid impact on a number of our students.  I guess I am at a point in my life that I had to ask some of the students if the music was any good -- to which I received a very positive reply(!) -- the fact that Bradlee was straight forward with the students about issues that many of us find easy to ignore.  He tackled some tough issues from an approach that kids listened to.  Even some of our toughest kids to get through opened up and listened.

Another thing that I appreciated was the time that was taken to talk to kids after the program backstage.  I was able to eavesdrop a little bit and w as happy to hear what was being said.  Bradlee made a connection with kids and in a one on one situation carried the same message that he presented to the large group in a very personal manner.

I regret that we did not have a chance to have the students in the breakdown groups, because I believe that there would have been a golden opportunity for them to dig deeper into their belief systems.  However, the fact that they were given many things to think about in the large group presentation, I consider the time well spent.

There was some controversy in a couple of communities near us as well as some negative press in a couple of newspapers.  However, we did not receive anything like that in Creston.  The program is one which I was satisfied with in that it accomplished what I had hoped it would. It approached tough issues that made kids think about their own value systems.



Todd Wolverton , Principal, Iowa


In the thirty four + years I have been in education I don't recall an all school assembly capturing an audience so completely.  The group, You Can Run, But You Cannot Hide got our attention through their music and kept it with their message in word.  The practice of doing what you preach came out strong and clear.  Today may have been as valuable a day in education for our students as they have experienced.


Darrel Bartling, 7-12 Principal, Mount Ayr Community School, Iowa


On January 12th, 2005, You Can Run But You Cannot Hide’s Junkyard Prophet came to Bacon County High School in Alma, Georgia to put on an assembly.  What our students received that day was not just a concert and assembly, it was a blessing! The band did a wonderful job in reaching out in a way that students easily understand – music!  Our students were riveted as Bradlee discussed the "Explicit Truth" about how the media and music has shaped the history of our nation during the last half century, and how the evils of drugs, promiscuity, and our society’s failures to take responsibility for wrong-doing has sent our country on a downhill spiral.

The breakout sessions for the boys, girls, and teachers provided thought provoking discussion about the choices we all make everyday.  The material presented hit close to home with everyone.  I don’t think a single soul who attended the event could say that they were not touched in some way by what the group had to say.  The proof of this can be found in the fact that today all I have heard from our students is how much they enjoyed it.  What has been surprising for me is the fact that the students appear to have valued what was said more than the music that was heard.  Some of these students are the same ones we have to struggle with to keep focused for twenty minutes in our classes!

I want to sincerely thank the crew for their professional but frank manner in which they handled themselves.  Heather you are awesome!  You made it a pleasure to work with the Junkyard Prophet from the booking to the set-up of the assembly.  I enjoyed visiting and talking with each of you.  The person that you quoted on the front page of your website was right – "This was no assembly, it was an event!"


Eddie Mosley, Principal, Bacon County High School, Alma, Georgia


This teacher called a 2nd assembly with his 9th graders, and he had so much to say, I asked him to put it on paper for you.
It's from his heart. -Bradlee   

I was asked to write this referral by Bradlee Dean and it is with great honor that I do so.  In a school system with one of the highest pregnancy rates, a serious drug problem that is hidden or denied by many of those in power, high drop out rates, and low performance ratings their message was a blessing to my and many of my childrens' ears.  In my opinion, one of the hardest things to do today is gain the attention and respect of teens.  At least I know this is the case in our community.  Bradlee and the guys (and girls) did this from the very beginning of the show.  They were entertaining, engaging, enlightening, educational, and most of all inspirational. 
(I bought the CD) I am having a hard time finding the right things to say.  I simply believe that the presentation put on by Junkyard Prophet today was of more benefit to the children than any other program I have seen.  If we are trying to teach kids, teach them to be problem solvers and decision makers, then we can do no better than give them the facts, tell them the truth, and let them decide.  This is exactly what Bradlee does.  Straight forward, supported, and legitimate.

Some quotes from the kids about today's presentation:
"Their stories and information hit close enough to home to make me think about how my life is going and where I will be in ten years."
"The songs and Stephanie changed me.  I was thinking about some things but I know now that I will wait."
"The band was great.  Their songs really hit me hard."

I am sure that I will be writing another referral in the future and
sending it to Bradlee.  A more personal one when I have time to sit down and think.  This was thrown together on short notice between classes and cannot possibly express how thankful I am to him and his wife and all the crew for what they have done today.  We will be talking about this show for a long
time to come around here.

God bless you guys.  Keep carrying a message that EVERYONE needs to hear.



Richard Andrews, Teacher, Georgia


To:  You Can Run But You Cannot Hide

You Can Run But You Cannot Hide is the best group to have ever presented at St. Clair High School.  The rock concert by Junkyard Prophet really grabbed the students' interest as well as presenting a good message.  Bradlee did a fantastic job bringing true hard facts to the students.  The breakout sessions afterward proved to be the best with such a great focus.  What a wonderful idea to divide the students into boy and girl groups!

Thank you SO much for your wonderful sincere message, I have no doubt you touched many of our students.


Heather Nielson, Student Council Advisor, Minnesota


Junkyard Prophet,

Any time there's a group like yours that can keep the attention of a 7-12 audience for over two hours - I would call that relationship and rigor.  I would say our event this morning was a huge success - especially from the 7th/8th end.  It was a great way to end homecoming week.

The guys in my advisory group liked the hard metal music.  They said they appreciated how they actually had a "concert" with a message.  The girls and I were biased towards the opening song and the song on Virtue.  We also thought the separation of the groups at the end was honest, straight forward, and entertaining.

I know you were here for the kids, yet it spoke to the older generation, too!  I felt the group was strong in your conviction, and your message came from your heart.  It's a message that I would like my girl and boy to hear - yet I must say it's only because it comes from the Christian perspective - abstinence, patriotism, and love.


Mary K. Overholtzer, 7th/8th Science/Health Teacher, Mount Ayr Junior High, Iowa


I highly recommend Bradlee Dean's School of Hard Knocks Assembly.  His band and their music gets the students' attention and he follows with an eye opening personal account of what life is all about.  He's "been there and done that," so he is speaking from experience.  I had numerous students tell me that they liked the music and more importantly Bradlee Dean's message.  His message of accountability is right on target.  The breakout sessions were a big hit also.


Steve Bohlen, Principal, Wapello High School, Iowa


This letter is in reference to the assembly that you recently presented to the student body of Wallace County High School and three surrounding league schools.

As with many unknown lyceums that we schedule for our students, we were not sure what to expect from your program. After listening to the band and the message that you presented to our students, I can say that this is one of the best programs that we have had in the seven years that I have been at WCHS.

The live band was a treat for our students to see, hear and feel, and was an opportunity for our rural students to experience something often not available to them. While this was an exciting part of the program, the real message was from Bradlee Dean and Stephanie talking with the students. As a parent and a school administrator, I appreciated the straight-forward and honest information presented to our student body. They were told the truth and not given the regular rhetoric of advertising and propaganda. Your message, through your music and words, is sure to give our students a positive direction in their lives.

Having students divide into separate groups for the completion of the assembly was an effective way of dealing with the issues of today that are facing our youth.  I have heard many positive comments, both from students and teachers, about the message you presented.

As a school administrator, I highly recommend your program. It is truthful, and brings to the forefront the serious issues our young people face today. Your mix of live music and insightful message was a benefit to all schools that attended today. I also deeply appreciated your focus on thanking the Veterans for what they have done for us. I know I will do this the next time
I see one!

Thank you very much for reaching out to the youth of today and making a difference in their lives. May God bless you in your work and in your personal lives.



Bruce Bolen, Principal, Wallace County High School, Sharon Springs, Kansas


Be the best you can be!

This was an awesome assembly - from the band that rocked to the motivational presentations that followed.  Though it may not have been evident, our students heard the message.  The message of hope and inspiration - knowing who you are and believing in yourself; making appropriate choices; respecting yourself and others - was delivered in a powerful fashion.  Thank you for bringing this message to our students.


Kittie D. Weston-Knauer, Principal, Des Moines, IA


 To Whom it May Concern:

It is with great enthusiasm that I write this letter highly recommending You Can Run But You Cannot Hide and their message to make wise and honorable decisions about real life issues. As the high school principal at Twin Cedars, I have not seen a better assembly. The response of our students, teachers, parents, and myself was magnificent.
The group You Can Run But You Cannot Hide was successful for several reasons:

1. They captured the students' attention immediately by playing music the students related to.

2. They involved the students with the program.

3. They did not sugar coat anything during the program. They spoke straight to the point and in a language students could understand.

4. They broke the student body into smaller groups and really reinforced the message they were trying to deliver.

If you have any concerns about the music, forget about it. They were fabulous! I consider myself "old school," but I enjoyed the program very much. My personal favorite was the lead singer, Stephanie Joy. You will struggle finding anyone with a clearer more perfect voice. She is a natural and really knows how to get the students rocking. Most of the student body begged me to get You Can Run But You Cannot Hide back before the end of the year and two seniors requested them for the Twin Cedars Junior/Senior prom. Trust me--they are "BIG TIME!"

After about an hour of quality music, Bradlee Dean spoke to the group about a variety of topics including harassment, sexual purity, drugs, and alcohol. Like Stephanie, he has a knack of being able to immediately capture the entire group's attention. He really put his heart and soul into everything he did. I will warn you if you are looking for someone that just goes through the motions, this is not the program for you. This guy was the "Real Deal." He has many personal experiences that he shared with the group and meant every word he said. Bradlee's lecture would have been plenty to satisfy me, however the group took it a step further by splitting the students into gender groups and further attacking the issues. I found this to be very effective, as did my teaching staff. The entire program is professionally done from start to finish.

I would like to end by sharing with you an observation that I made after the program was over. The program was over right at the end of school but I noticed MANY of the students wanted to hang around and visit with the group. Several of the students who stayed have problems in these areas. My philosophy is these types of programs are well worth the money if it affects just one student. I'm confident this program affected MANY of our students! If you have any questions regarding this program, please don't hesitate calling me at ... Actually I WANT you to call me. THIS IS A MUST PROGRAM FOR ANY SCHOOL THROUGHOUT AMERICA!



Dave Roby, Principal, Twin Cedars High School, Iowa


Absolutely wonderful....students and staff enjoyed the presentation immensely. Stephanie, Bradlee and of course "the band" were first class. The message sent was one that all young people should hear. The message was from the heart and presented in such a manner that students and staff were intrigued.

All aspects of the program were done in a format that students would understand. The music performed was tasteful and presented in a professional manner. Students came up to me after the performance and said.....awesome, great...will they be back.....and one that I appreciated the most.... THANK YOU for doing this program.

Overall.....a 5 star performance.



Bill Alleva, Principal, Wisconsin


If you want a traditional assembly program or a presentation that keeps the veteran faculty relaxed and smiling during a loud, dynamic musical presentation, don't hire You Can Run But You Cannot Hide.

If you want your students to be reached...
If you want comments about the best assembly ever...
If you want kids to enjoy some of "their" music while receiving a powerful, non-judgmental message about positive behavior,
hire You Can Run But You Cannot Hide

The program was exceptionally well received by our students. The staff heard positive feedback from students who truly benefited from the group's message.



Chuck Soper, Guidance Counselor, Wisconsin


WOW!  On behalf of faculty and students, I want to thank you for an entertaining, educational program.  You Can Run But You Cannot Hide, opened our minds and hearts to the real world.  I want to wish you a safe journey; may your message be everlasting.


J.R. Fitzpatrick, Principal, Putnam County High School, Georgia


I had the opportunity to see and hear their program and found it to be very entertaining and informative.  Being a former band member in various rock bands during the 60's and early 70's I can relate to the message they espouse.  I think they would be an asset to any organization that would like to get their message across to the youth of today.  They really reach out and make people think about life and decision-making.  I would recommend them to anyone for a program for their young people.


Dave McGee, Mayor, Florida


I would like to take the opportunity to say Thank You for a job well done here at New Bloomfield R-III High School, in New Bloomfield, Missouri.  Your presentation was one that really seemed to reach the High School age students.  They loved the music and were very attentive to the presentation.

Many students thought the break out session after the assembly was very beneficial.

Your personal story brings a very important message to our youth.  I commend you on a job well done.  Keep it up.
I would be glad to be used as a reference for further schools if necessary.  Please feel free to give my email or phone number as needed.


Julie Trammell, Missouri


On October 3, 2003, the Seventh through Twelfth Graders of Medicine Lodge were the benefit of a presentation for You Can Run But You Cannot Hide.  While the music was loud in the ears of the faculty, a majority of the student body seemed to respond.  They moved toward the stage, danced, clapped, and interacted with the band.  While not all of our student body is "into" rock music, it was appealing to the bulk of the student body.  The music was a different approach to getting out a message on the negative effects of drugs, alcohol, and poor decisions in our society.  They could relate much more to band members as presenters of information than adults standing and lecturing them. The presentation was more than music.  The members of the group discussed choices that people make and how they affect their lives.  Later, the boys and girls were split into separate groups.  Those in the female group discussed peer pressure and being aware of single-minded males.  The male group discussed the pressure the music and recording industry places on males in our culture to behave in deviant ways. I would have to say that the presentation seemed effective as a part of our drug, alcohol and character program at Medicine Lodge High School.



Mike Hubka, Principal, Kansas


You Can Run But You Cannot Hide's assembly for elementary students is outstanding.  It incorporates all aspects of character education that is currently being taught in schools across Missouri, and across the nation.  The performers were energetic, and the special effects were terrific.  Our students and staff greatly enjoyed the performance.  It is, without question, the best assembly our elementary school has seen!  Kudos to YCRBYCH for having such an insight for today's youth, and for a job well done!



Cara Easter, Counselor, Missouri


"This was the MOST POWERFUL message that has ever been conveyed to our students... It is REAL, IN THE FACE, and EXACTLY TO THE POINT!"


Cody Russell, Principal, South Dakota


Dear You Can Run But You Cannot Hide,

I am very pleased to write a letter in support of your program. I have been in education for over 30 years, and few assemblies have moved the students as well as your presentation and follow-up classroom discussions.

I read over 20 student responses and talked to several groups of students about the production. All of them spoke highly of the musical presentation, the information, and the follow-up discussion. Many students made personal commitments to avoid drug use or abstain from sexual activity until married. One student wrote 'You communicated very well with us. I probably will think more about my sexual actions now. I believe you have had a positive influence.' Another student wrote, 'I thought that it was interesting and very entertaining. You were very funny and made it fun to listen to.' Not only did the program get students to think about their behavior or reinforce their beliefs; it actually changed some students' beliefs. A student wrote, 'It was so awesome. You are cool guys. I liked how you made it funny instead of being incredibly serious like the other speakers we usually have. Good job. This changed my view on sex.'

Clearly, your program had a very positive impact on a great many students. I applaud your production, your concern for today's young people, and your ability to change students' attitudes. I wish you much success in the future.



Joseph Giesen, Principal, Minnesota


Mr. Bradlee Dean and Company:

Thank you so much for coming to H/F HS. I truly appreciated the time and energy spent to present a moving and self-reflective message with our students. I believe it is particularly important to share with you some of the comments expressed by students and staff.

* "They really made me think about what I am doing. Is what I am doing good for me and other people?"

* "They ROCK! They know more about me than anyone."

* "They know where we're coming from. They know we do stupid things and they don't judge us."

* "The people in my small group really seemed to care about me. They wanted me to write to them."

One of my fears in having a group come in is that it will be a one time shot of happiness and a meaningless message that comes and goes. I did not feel this way with You Can Run But You Cannot Hide. You and your group really care about kids. You care about what kind of messages are being sent not only in school but by the media and other sources. You have reached from deep in your hearts and given to these kids in ways that many of their parents and other adults haven't. Thank you!

Regardless of the life path taken by those involved in your production group, everyone has a hopeful message that helps us to realize that we can make good choices and we can accept the differences of others. We do need to get to the heart of these kids; you have done that.

Thanks to "Junkyard Prophet," the crew, the speakers, and the promo folks. Thanks to Stephanie for her follow through and concern. Thanks, Bradlee, to you for showing the students that even the OLD PEOPLE really care. That's why we are all here.



Jennifer L. Meagher, H/F HS Principal, Minnesota


Dear Bradlee, Stephanie and Crew,

I would like to extend my sincere appreciation for your visit to Estilline High School. Your love for what you do as well as our youth was portrayed very well throughout your presentation. They could feel that you truly cared about them, and were not just telling them "what not to do." You opened our students' ears through your music thus opening their hearts to your message.

Our students and staff truly appreciated your message as indicated by their positive comments made to me. I had one student discuss abstinence with me, another stated that the small groups really made her think. We formally evaluated your presentation, and I have attached the results. As you can see, the students learned about a variety of critical life issues including friendships, family, abstinence, suicide, rumors, and life problems. You touched each of our students' lives in different ways, in ways that the survey results can never measure!

What a tremendous group of individuals you have working with you! We enjoyed getting to know each one of you. This letter seems so little for the work that you do and the ways that you touch our youth's lives each day. May God continue to bless your daily work! Thank you for everything!



Linda Johnson, 7-12 School Counsleor, South Dakota


I would like to express a heartfelt thanks to Bradlee Dean and his band Junkyard Prophet, for presenting a lyceum at our school that really connected with the kids. The theme, "You Can Run But You Cannot Hide," sincerely connected with our whole student body. I received calls from parents commending the presentation. Three mothers commented that this was all their kids talked about at the supper table the night following the lyceum.

I believe the uniqueness of your approach and the honesty that you portrayed, plus the message that you shared, connected with the faces and souls of our school.

Thank you.


Jerry Healy, North Dakota


I am writing in regards to our high school's experience with a program entitled "You Can Run But You Cannot Hide." We had the opportunity to have this program come to our high school and do two performances for our student body. When they first came to the building and started to unload their equipment and I met some of the group, I thought, "what is going on?." My initial impression was not indicative of what occurred that day in our high school.

What I found out was that this group was not only a group of outstanding musicians, but also a group of outstanding people with an excellent program for students. Their musical performance connected with the students, and then they proceeded to talk with the students about real issues and choices. The message was well received by our students. Whether positive or negative, it definitely provoked thought. I believe a school program should be of educational merit and this one fit in very well.

I would recommend this program to any school that is considering it. It is well done, honest, energetic, and straightforward. The program members have backgrounds to discuss student issues and do a great job of engaging the students.



Robert Just, Principal, Minnesota


Thank you for the performance by You Can Run But You Cannot Hide which your group presented to our 7th through 12th in mid-November. I know a lyceum was successful when the students leave with smiles on their faces and they are making positive comments for a few days after the program is over.

Some of the comments were:

*"We have a cool principal to get a group like this." (That one was my favorite.)

*"Thanks for the concert. It was great."


*"The fashion show was cool."

*"I liked that they talked to the girls and boys separately at the end."

I even received two correspondences from parents thanking me for having your group to come to our school.

Your message to stand strong and make healthy decisions was very clear. It was also clear that bad decisions they make today can have a negative impact on their futures. The booklets that you handed out were appreciated also.

Thank you once again for coming to our school.



Sherri Broderius, Principal, Minnesota


On behalf of the students, staff, JCC family and community I want to express my thanks for being part of our life for a day. We appreciate the time as well as your willingness to share your life to help and shape the lives of youth today.

I just don't know what else I could say about the program that hasn't already been stated. You are a refreshing group to have at a school assembly. Your enthusiasm and message touch the heart of many students. That connection with the students and your style of sharing your life experiences in part of the program and all stated that they were glad to have been a part of the event.

Thank you for making our students and school a better place. We appreciate your help in sending the message to the youth of our school, community, and country.



James A. Hirman, Principal, Minnesota


This has been the first time that I heard someone tell these students what they needed to hear. You didn't pull any punches. I was impressed with the way students listened to the message that you had for them.

Thank you for the very powerful message.



Charles Fredrickson, Secondary Principal Dick Daum

Special Education Instructor, South Dakota

The Student Council would like to take this opportunity to thank you for coming to our school. The students that participated in the presentation came away so pumped and lively that we almost did not recognize them. Using the students in your demonstrations was an excellent way to capture their attention and put the focus on their needs and wants. The messages that you left with our students were straight to the point and I do not think anyone missed your intent. Great Job!

I would not hesitate to recommend your group to another high school. You were very professional but not pushy; you were appreciative of all the efforts that were made on your behalf; you were very gracious to the students who were eager to meet you and were concerned for the response of the administration and the faculty. Who could ask for more?

Booking the show was one of the best things we have ever done! Stephanie worked with us every step of the way to secure funding and coordinate with other schools. The set up crew was timely and knowledgeable. The band rocked! The message scored. What more can I say?!



Ricky E. Engle, Assembly Coordinator, Oklahoma

This letter is in regard to a program presented by You Can Run But You Cannot Hide. This program consisted of a concert by the group Junkyard Prophet and class discussions.

I have received numerous accolades for You Can Run But You Cannot Hide from students, teachers, and parents. The students were particularly engaged and very much enjoyed the concert and class discussions that followed. These discussions focused on real life and meaningful issues facing high school students. Moreover, these discussions were done in a professional and sensitive manner. I was very happy with the positive influence that You Can Run But You Cannot Hide had on our student body.

Thanks again for your high energy and relevant program.



Alan L. Neville; Ed. D., High School Principal, South Dakota


Bradlee Dean and the Junkyard Prophet got the students' attention immediately with their music. When the lights were turned up, he maintained their attention with his no nonsense approach to making positive changes in the lives of the young people.

He and the other members of You Can Run But You Cannot Hide talked with our students, not at them. This program made a positive impact on our students and will help them in making life decisions.


Randy Bowen, Principal, Minnesota


We want to thank your group again for a very unique and enjoyable day of music and discussion. The teachers and staff at MHS have indicated to me that this was a very positive and successful day. You did make a difference in our lives!!!

Thanks again Bradlee and Stephanie and to all of your group who participated in this event. We look forward to having you back in a couple of years.

Our teens are our future!


Terry Arduser, Principal, Minnesota


3 Assemblies

I doubt our little gym has ever had such a dramatic sound system. I was incredible! The coyotes are still shaking their heads-- truly an earth shaking experience.

The small group sessions were great. Good humor, to the point and significant topics! Students enjoyed the assembly and benefited from the message.

We are thankful they came to us and are glad to write a positive review of the program.

Safe and Drug Free School committee:


Mr. Steve Vance, Ms. Eldora Poitra, Ms. Kathleen McCowan, Mr. Kevin Dyda, Ms. Karen Haynes , South Dakota


At a time when we as educational leaders have so many challenges regarding violence, chemical use/abuse, lack of values,.... (The list goes on and on), we often wonder what we can do to help our youth listen to what needs to be heard. The message delivered by Bradlee Dean and his assembly, You Can Run But You Cannot Hide, captured the attention of our freshman class through music from Junkyard Prophet, humor from Bradlee and his staff, and factual information. The students were challenged to listen, think, and set priorities for themselves and their future. They loved the music, appreciated the humor, and took the information to heart. Thanks to Bradlee, our students had a great time and took another step toward accepting their responsibility in a changing world.

Respectfully Submitted,


Lyle Koski, Principal, Minnesota


I would like to share my thoughts about a program we had recently in our school called You Can Run But You Cannot Hide.  If you want a program that is straightforward and reaches teens where they are at, then this is the program for you, but be warned, some people are not ready to hear an opinion that is different from the mainstream culture. Bradlee Dean gives the students a perspective of what the culture is doing to our students and how they can do something about it.  Junkyard Prophet was entertaining and professional and did a great job of working with the students before, during and after the program. Thanks for making a difference in the lives of our young people and good luck to you as you travel around with this message.


Dan Nowak, Principal, Wisconsin


Every day, millions of teenagers remain in the same cycle of drugs, alcohol and despair because their lives have no direction.  But in the midst of this dreary cycle is a group called You Can Run But You Cannot Hide whose power and presence give a positive outlook on life for those teens who don't see a light at the end of the tunnel.  Bradlee, Stephanie and the rest of the crew shine like beacons for teenagers who have lost their way.  If just one student from each school they speak at has a breakthrough, their work pays off - but with the message they give, I can't believe that it would only be one student.  I would recommend this assembly to ANY school who is looking for an alternative method of getting that overplayed message across.  If you preach to kids, they will not listen, but if you guide them and mirror positive behavior, they could learn from you.  That is what I brought with me from this assembly and what every student could have - and will - if every adult cared about the youth of today like this group does.  It was well worth the time and effort.  Thank you You Can Run But You Cannot Hide!



Tina Breidenbach

Health Teacher, Conde High School, Conde, South Dakota


We wanted to thank you for coming to our school last October and holding the YCRBYCH assembly for our students.  I don't think that I can stress enough how much the students enjoyed this assembly.  As you already know, the response to your group by our students was overwhelming.

It takes a lot these days to impress kids, but you guys unquestionably accomplished that.  It's not often that you hear kids say that they were inspired by anything, yet we heard that comment many times.  To say that you left a positive impression on our students would be an understatement.  I honestly believe that our students appreciated your presentation even more than the administration did, which is no small feat.

Thanks for doing all that you did for our kids.  We certainly appreciate it and thank you for being an inspiration to them.



Lucinda Kelley, Principal, Clewiston High School, Clewiston, Florida

Recently Bloomfield Jr/Sr High School hosted You Can Run But You Cannot Hide.  The group presented a three-hour
convocation/presentation to the students of Bloomfield.  The convocation/presentation included a musical performance, light show and most important message concerning many issues of concern to our youth.  Issues included alcoholism, suicide, sex, drugs and the media.  These are only some of the many issues that were discussed with my students.

While I do know that several of our students enjoyed the musical performance, it was the message that was the primary concern.

With regard to the message I know that many of our students were clearly moved and swayed.  I do not want to say that our students live in a sheltered environment, although I do recognize that some do.  But the items that were discussed clearly required our students to use their critical and analytical abilities.

Many of my students were critical of the convocation.  They disagreed with items said.  I will contend that this is good.  Students need to really think in terms of what is said to them.  They should not believe everything that is stated.  And this was the primary goal of the organization.

Clearly You Can Run But You Cannot Hide, "pushed" some buttons with my students.  And I know that my students will talk about this convocation for quite some time.  This is only as a result of a powerful message.

All too often convocations, guest speakers, etc. are hired by school personnel and the message falls on deaf ears.  Immediately, at the conclusion of the convocation, students have no clue what was said.  Further, they do not care.  This clearly was not the case with this convocation.  Our students will be thinking in terms of what was said for many days, weeks and maybe even years.
I recommend You Can Run But You Cannot Hide.  The name clearly applies to the message behind the convocation.  And my students are believers.  Excellent message!



Greg Parsley, Principal, Bloomfield Jr/Sr High School


I have been teaching and coaching at Convington High School in Covington  Virginia for the past 14 years and have attended numerous assemblies  pertaining to teenage pregnancy, alcohol abuse, drug abuse, and overall  character issues but none of these other assemblies ever stirred so many emotions as your talk, your message was very poignant and in your face.  Both students and faculty alike did not agree with everything that was  said but most agree that the issues facing young adults today need to be  discussed.  For days following the assembly that was all the students and faculty could talk about was what they had heard that morning.  If any school, church group, or civic organization wants to bring in a group that is  going to get into the face of our young people and not mince words or pull any punches, then Bradlee Dean and Junkyard Prophet are just the group you  need to hire.  Don't get me wrong, there were times during the assembly when my toes were stepped on and particular nerves were touched on certain issues, but I respect the group for their courage to say what is on their mind.  I  especially enjoyed the end of the program when Bradlee challenged the  audience to go up and thank a veteran for their sacrifices for this country.  A wonderful message of patriotism!



Rob Bennett, Teacher At Covington High School,  Mayor of Covington


You Can Run But You Cannot Hide has a great message to send to today youth on what type of character we want to have.  The three-hour presentation got kids involved in a message using up-beat music and the sharing of real-life expectations of how we should be responsible and the reality of the consequences we encounter if poor choices are made.  Bradlee Dean and his band are great!  Thank you for confirming my beliefs!"


Amy Karg, Principal, Cal Community High School


All referrals and contacts by phone please:

You Can Run But You Cannot Hide International!

Office (320)274-8400

Fax (320)274-8438