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Controversial, daring, fearless, and honest: these are just a few words that have been used to describe the Minneapolis-based Christian rap, metal outfit - Junkyard Prophet.

From its inception, spanning nearly a decade, the band’s main focus has truly been the youth and their future - so much so that the band turned down several major label offers in the process, fearing that the mainstream music industry might water down the message.  Bradlee Dean, drummer and "no-holds barred" mouthpiece for the group, had this to say - "We chose kids over money!"

Dean and the band have remained loyal to their word, indeed, by performing countless shows and reaching over 500,000 teens.

If you were to look up the word "independent" in the dictionary, one of the definitions would probably say, "Junkyard Prophet." They truly take the D.I.Y. (do it yourself) concept to the extreme.

Without any assistance from a record company or the like, they've managed to keep a street team of fourteen people busy with promotional duties, selling over 40,000 CDs in the Midwest alone along with their own production facility and head office - all of this while traveling throughout the U.S. on a luxury tour bus with an arena size P.A. in tow, both of which are personal property of JYP!

Garnering national attention in the mid-nineties. JYP was named second best unsigned act to P.O.D. after only playing one show.  It was shortly after this time that the band underwent a name change, going from Reign of Kings to Junkyard Prophet. The name has more to do with world conditions than just another cool name - the group feels as if the world is a junkyard which needs to be confronted with the Word of God.

It’s not all about the accolades of the "rock star," "reaching thousands upon thousand of kids," "I do good things" type of image with the band.  The whole organization is about a message. Not only do the Prophets put on a mind blowing show, but they take it a step further by talking to the teens about hot topics such as peer p ressure, suicide, violence, teen pregnancy, drinking, drugs and an array of other subjects.

Between 2003 and 2005 the band toured incessantly, while managing to shoot two videos which to date has reached over 111 million households around the world, not to mention continuous airplay on three XM radio stations.
Since then they have done 4 other music videos, 2 of which have hit the charts.

When the band is not touring they broadcast a daily radio program, the Sons of Liberty, airing on, which can be heard all over the nation, touching on a number of issues including government, constitutional rights, and world events.

With its "bring MTV to your front door approach," Junkyard Prophet is giving the music industry something it is sorely lacking: "real music with a real message."


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