Dean Files Opposition to Maddow's Motion to Dismiss

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Bradlee Dean and attorney Larry Klayman have responded to the most recent actions of Rachel Maddow with an Opposition to her Motion to Dismiss.


In Dean’s Opposition to her Motion to Dismiss, attorney Larry Klayman uncovers Maddow’s desperate attempt to cover her tracks by filing for dismissal, conveniently placing major emphasis solely on her first report in 2010 on Bradlee Dean. However, Klayman commented: "Maddow and MSNBC clearly defamed my client. Maddow went way over the line, particularly in her second broadcast, by claiming that Dean and Republicans like then-presidential candidate Michele Bachmann are 'bloodthirsty' and want to see more gays and lesbians killed. This was outrageous and harmful and for this, Maddow and MSNBC will be held legally accountable."


Opposition to Motion to Dismiss MSNBC/Maddow Suit

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