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On May 20th, 2011, preacher Bradlee Dean was invited to deliver the opening prayer at the MN House Session. Bradlee Dean delivered a prayer that called for us all to unite under the Constitution’s directives, honor the sacrifice of our veterans, and to return to the Founder of our country, acknowledging America’s godly heritage. Within an hour, the media flocked on Dean’s prayer, and over 2,000 media outlets across the country picked up on “The Prayer that Rocked the Capitol.” An eruption of controversy was sparked over a 3-minute prayer. What did Dean say that was so offensive? Why did the Majority Speaker denounce him? What really happened that day? What was all the media coverage about? Was it really even about Dean's prayer? Or was there some kind of agenda behind the reports? Find out in this powerful DVD, “The Prayer that Rocked the Capitol.”


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