Left Attempts to Justify Rachel Maddow Through Omission



Bradlee Dean, minister and nationally syndicated radio host suing Rachel Maddow and MSNBC for the torts of defamation and false light, has filed pleadings seeking the disqualification of Judge Joan Zeldon of the Superior Court of the District of Columbia.

The case against Maddow and MSNBC had been filed about a year ago and was assigned to Judge Zeldon. Predictably, Maddow and MSNBC moved to dismiss the complaint, falsely claiming that the DC Anti-Slapp statute – which sets a very high legal threshold to prove defamation and false light – shielded them from liability. Dean and YCR had alleged that Maddow and MSNBC had broadcasted false and misleading statements that Plaintiffs and their congresswoman Michele Bachmann, who supports YCR,  were “bloodthirsty” and wanted to kill all gays and lesbians. This was not true. The statements, broadcast by Maddow on her MSNBC show, resulted in death threats to Dean.

Recently, the federal court in Washington, D.C., held that the DC Anti-Slapp statute is not  applicable to a complaint filed in this court. Logically then, Dean and YCR filed a new case in this federal court and sought to voluntarily dismiss the case before Judge Zeldon. This was a tactical, strategic decision. However, Judge Zeldon, who it became apparent had  hoped to rule against Dean and YCR and in favor of Maddow and MSNBC given her leftist ideology, sought to punish Plaintiffs and throw a monkey wrench into the voluntary dismissal of the case before her. Judge Zeldon ruled that the case before her could not be dismissed unless Dean and YCR paid over $24,000 in attorneys fees and costs to Maddow and Dean, claiming that the Defendant's attorneys should be compensated for the legal work they did in her case. However, Dean and YCR argued that the work performed in the Superior Court case was usable in the new federal action and thus they should not be penalized. Importantly, Dean and YCR had also argued that the  claimed fees and costs by Maddow and MSNBC were grossly inflated and fraudulent, as Defendants frequently billed for four big firm lawyers doing the job of one attorney.

Outrageously, Judge Zeldon’s order penalizing Dean and YCR requires that the fee and cost award be paid within 30 days, or the case will be dismissed with prejudice. This means that the federal court action could not go forward, as Judge Zeldon would have, once and for all, adjudicated the claims in favor of Maddow and MSNBC.

Incredibly, despite Dean and YCR having argued that Maddow and MSNBC’s fees and costs were fraudulent, Judge Zeldon stated in her order that the Defendant's  lawyers are “distinguished,” and to the contrary disparaged Dean and YCR and their counsel, Larry Klayman. Because this, and other biased statements in the order, unmasked her prejudice, yesterday Dean and YCR filed pleadings to disqualify Judge Zeldon and have her order vacated, that is made void and of no effect. If necessary, Dean and YCR will also appeal Judge Zeldon’s prejudicial fee and cost award and threat to dismiss the case with prejudice if Dean and YCR do not pay up.

“This is a new turn of events that was not anticipated when I brought the suit against Maddow and MSNBC,” says Bradlee Dean, “Judges are to enforce the law, not to defend lawbreakers and then award them money. This generation is being taught that wrong is right and right is wrong. As a preacher, I am combating that ideology, and in my view, I have learned that this ideology is often taught and put into effect by a judicial system that aligns itself with corrupted attorneys and lawbreakers.”

“YCR and I chose to sue Rachel Maddow and MSNBC and now have voluntarily, for tactical reasons, chosen to drop my suit in DC Superior Court only to bring the case to federal court. This was my legal strategy, not the Defendant's or the judge’s. In an attempt to misrepresent the facts and control the public dialogue, the leftist media like the Huffington Post has attempted to imply this is a victory for Rachel Maddow, which is as absurd as convicting George Zimmerman after hearing NBC’s doctored 911 call which, to further the network’s leftist ideology,  sought to smear him in the public domain.  This case will be tried in federal court, and Maddow and MSNBC will be held responsible for their hateful and malicious reporting.” Dean added.

A copy of the pleadings filed to disqualify Judge Zeldon can be found below: 

MSNBC/Maddow Superior Court Judge Recusal



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