Principal Attempts to Stop Bradlee Dean's Presentation

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BOCA RATON, FLORIDA (Feb. 14, 2013)—Yesterday the principal of Spanish River High School of Boca Raton attempted to kick off its premises nationally known Christian speaker/musician Bradlee Dean after his having been invited by the student group, “The American Club.” 
In this surprising move, on the actual day of the speaking event and with no notice, the principal acted arbitrarily since that same student club had invited other conservative speakers recently but without incident, including singer/entertainer Victoria Jackson.

After leaving the campus, Bradlee Dean moved his speech out to the grass in front of the public school property where he held the attention of an audience of students who refused to bow to the intimidation and strong-arm tactics of their principal. 



According to Dean’s spokesman Jake MacAulay, legal action is being taken.  See attached legal documentation that has been sent to the school administration by religious liberties law firm Liberty Council.

Ltr - To Palm Beach County Schools by Heather MacAulay

Statement by Bradlee Dean:

If standing up against those who perpetuate crimes against our posterity is wrong, then I am guilty as charged.  America should pay careful attention to who is doing the discriminating, and who is abiding by the laws of our republic."

Statement by Liberty Council Rep. Horatio G. Mihet, Esq.:

We see serious constitutional problems with the principal censoring religious and political expression simply because they are deemed 'offensive,' especially when there are no specific, articulable facts to support such an assertion.  Federal law, including the Constitution, protects the right of student clubs to present their ideas without fear of censorship because of disagreement with the content of the message." 



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