Bradlee Dean invited on numerous media outlets in light of breaking news

Sat, 19 Jan 2013
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We would like to thank the following list of radio programs who recently invited Bradlee Dean as a guest regarding his mission to restore America back to its Christian/Constitutional foundation, the MSNBC/Rachel Maddow defamation lawsuit as well as You Can Run But You Cannot Hide Intl's victory over a city's blackball attempt on Bradlee Dean's message coming to town.


Rusty Humphries Show, Nationally Syndicated Radio Network


American Family Association's Radio Program with Bryan Fischer


The Hill Radio with Rick Godley


The Bill Martinez Show


The Steve Deace Show


Mancow Muller


Jan Mickelson in the Morning (WHO Radio, Iowa)


The Conservative Commando (NJ, PA)


The Bottom Line Show (CA)


The Mark Larson Show (CA)


Bryan Fischer (AFA)


Glen Pav "Riding the Right"


The Blaze TV


Carmen Russel Sluchery "Voice of Russia"


Lisa Marie Macci "The Justice Hour"


AM Inspiration with Pete O'Shea




Linda Sills "Right from the Left Coast"


The Michael Berry Show


The Right Side with Armstrong Williams


The Frank Beckmann Show


Your Defending Fathers, MI


Breaking News Journal


Bob Crittenden - Meeting House


Morning Drive with Doug Kellett


Wall Street Shuffle with Dan Cofall


Jiggy Jaguar


Focus Today with Perry Atkinson


John Wallace Radio


News With Views with Ronn Allen


Truth that Transforms with Jerry Newcomb


Watchman on the Wall with Noah Hutchings


The Brenner Brief


Preservative Talk Radio with David Allen


On Point Broadcasting, Laurie Bartlett


and counting...