Media Lies Exposed

Mon, 21 Jun 2010
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We recently came across this information and shared it on our show.  We thought you might find this interesting...

Dateline NBC put out a report titled, “Waiting to Explode?” trying to expose GM for making a line of faulty trucks that explode upon impact to its gasoline tank.  Three months later, NBC was forced to reveal their role in fabricating their news.  They admitted that an NBC contractor put an incendiary device under the truck to ensure it would explode upon impact.


After the 1995 Oklahoma City bombing, Carol Howe, a government informant, revealed that federal agencies had prior knowledge of the terrorist plot, and were ignoring several figures linked to the bombing.  Roger Charles of ABC news interviewed Howe to release this information to the public. However, once the story was ready to air, they received a phone call from ABC 20/20 in New York, canceling the program with no explanation as to why.


TIME Magazine showed America a picture of a supposed “concentration camp” during the Bosnian conflict in 1990.  They featured a front-page picture of a horribly skinny man behind a barb wired fence.  What they failed to tell you was that the man in the picture had a birth defect, and THE MEDIA was the ones enclosed in the fence, and the Bosnian men were free to roam.


During the Stalin reign in Russia, Walter Duranty from the New York Times wrote headlining articles regarding the happenings in Russia. As we all know, Dictator Joseph Stalin starved 7 million Ukrainians, closing their granaries, and exporting them. Duranty deliberately reported, “There is no actual starvation or deaths from starvation, but there is widespread mortality from diseases due to malnutrition,” and called other reports revealing the truth, “Bunk.” His known lies were part of causing America to help the Dictator destroy his own people. Duranty was later awarded the Pulitzer Prize.


Another Times reporter was Herbert Matthews.  During the so-called “Spanish Civil War” in the late 1930’s, communists brutally massacred more than 6,000 priests, friars and nuns. Matthews’ dispatches, however, depict the communists as “idealistic democrats seeking to liberate Spain from tyranny.  He later painted Fidel Castro out to be a romantic and idealistic hero supported by thousands of Cubans.  Matthews and the New York Times are known as the ones who helped Fidel Castro to power, while reporting that Fidel was “definitely not a Communist.”  Despite all this, The Times kept Mathews on staff for over 45 years.


During the impeachment of President Bill Clinton, the media made the grounds of the impeachment to be over his adulterated affairs with women such as Monica Lewinsky.  However, thanks to the media coverup and omission of truth, few know the real story behind Clinton’s impeachment.  Prior to this Congress investigated “Chinagate”, which showed that China was funding Clinton’s presidential campaign through international money laundering, in return for privileged access to top U.S. officials for military information.


While news reporters by and large are pounding the drum about global warming, only a few decades ago, they were telling us that a new “ice age” was coming upon us!


While the media portrayed the Rodney King story as a group of racist policeman beating on a black man, they neglected to tell you that 58 witnesses and 200 testimonies stated the following:

*King attracted police by driving recklessly to speeds over 115 mph.  Police chased him for over 8 miles. 
*King was a convicted felon for armed robbery. 
*There were 2 other black passengers in King’s car who cooperated with police officers.
*King was under the influence of drugs and alcohol.
*King resisted arrest.
*He then began dancing around erratically, even shaking his backside at a female police officer.
*King ignored police commands to get down on the ground, so 4 officers tackled him.  He rose up and threw off the officers.
*Even after an attempt to put him in submission by a stun gun, King still rose up and charged an officer.


The media pushed gun control by airing the “Million Mom March” on Washington, D.C.  Donna Dees-Thomases, who was the organizer of the march, was portrayed by the media as a mere suburban housewife and mother who was shocked to action at a news report about a shooting at a daycare center.  In reality, Dees-Thomases is a political veteran, a congressional staffer, and a publicist for CBS News.  She is a shrewd and well-connected player with the Media Elite.  Besides, the Million Mom March fell far short of its name, bringing in only 250,000.  Regardless, the media pushed it as a nationwide demand for more gun laws.