My War DVD is Now Available!

Sun, 22 May 2011
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We are excited to announce that My War: Part One is available to purchase! Are you ready to be shocked with the truth? Then this is the DVD you need to see.

The My War documentary series is a series like none other. This unique documentary encompasses the huge spectrum of issues we face in our society today and takes you back to the foundation of our country, to give understanding and clarity of who our Founders were and their true intentions when they established this Judeo-Christian nation. Watch as Bradlee Dean and his crew go into the public school system with the truth, while exposing the lies being thrown on our young, and watch the contention build! 



This documentary will give you insight into topics such as:

• Our Founding Fathers

• The Constitution

• What your kids are being taught in public schools

• The myth of alcoholism

• Abortion

• Drug abuse

• Hollywood and the moral decline of our nation

• The spiritual heritage and foundation of the United States

• The lies in the media and much more

• And last but not least, see the YCRBYCHI crew being kicked out of schools, even being escorted by police, for hitting on the topics above!


Witness first-hand some of the 331 high school assembly programs done by Bradlee Dean and his crew, and watch in disbelief as you see an agenda that attacks the truth at all costs and will say or do just about anything to push an illegal agenda on the American people. Little did they know that we had our cameras on them the whole time! My War not only shows you the problems that our nation faces today, but will also give you the answers you need to take action! The My War documentary series will not leave you feeling hopeless and helpless, but empowered and emboldened to stand up and fight, as David did to Goliath, and win the day! Perfect viewing for all ages, this documentary is a series every household in America needs to have. My War will bring you to the fight, lay out the battle plans and equip you to make a difference!